Tin Foil Ball Ornament

How To Make An Ornament Out Of Tin Foil

Tin Foil Ball Ornament

Today there are so many brilliant DIY ornaments…so many more than I was a kid! We had popcorn and kix strings, gingerbread cookies, paper snowflakes, salt clay creations, pipe cleaner reindeer, and paper clip angels. My mother saved all those amazing crafts and her tree is a walk down memory lane. I have many of those same ornaments, made by my children, on my tree too. (I have a salt clay Santa that just melts my heart!) Now Because of Pinterest and the internet, there are a lot of other ideas and craft available to us too.

There is no reason you can’t make fun decoration with your kids and then some nice ones for yourself. The best thing is that all of this can happen on a budget. These tin foil ball ornaments prove that. I know that we all have tin foil! If you don’t, maybe you used it up at Thanksgiving, you can buy it really cheap at any store! Here are some other ornaments from Beautiful Messy Life that are perfect for making with your kiddos…

Here is the video…Enjoy!