This Tiny Home Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale. Come Tour The Inside. Wow!


Tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes. Some blend into their surrounds and some are built to enhance it. This home in the Uk definitely doesn’t blend; it stands out because of it’s fun fairy tale qualities. It is in the most picturesque location too. The ‘Jack Sparrow’ cabin can be found it the Cornish countryside, nestled between Foulmoth Bay, the Tregaminion orchards and Porthallow Beach. It’s lovely! And if you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods you can rent it for the week.

Leaf shaped windows, a tear drop door, quaint four-pained windows, and a sloping roof, this house is one of a kind. The owner/ builder searched long and hard before he decided on a design. He took ideas from many tiny homes until he had created the perfect one. Jack Sparrow was built in nine months and will all reclaimed materials. I love it!

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Little Things: An A-Line Tiny Home Straight From A Fairy Tale (inside pictures)