This One Trick Helps You Pack WAY More Into Your Luggage


Are you a frequent flyer? Sometimes overpacking can’t be helped. Flying out of the country, extended vacations, difficult climates, etc. But there are times when having a carry on is so nice and skipping the hassle that is baggage claim is the best! This video from Travel Noire has a packing method that you should check out. All of your stuff will end up wrinkle free and will fit nice and snug.

I think this would work best if your only have to pack and unpack once. When we went to NOLA (New Orleans) in the spring we had split reservations and had to switch hotels in the middle of our stay. It would be a hassle to do this more than once but I’m definitely trying it if my reservations don’t get screwed up!

Her carry on bag is sure nicer and bigger than mine! Where do I fine one of those! I like that the top half has a zippered compartment.