Peel An Egg

This Simple Trick Peels A Hard Boiled Egg Just Seconds

Peel An Egg

If you’re a fan of hard boiled eggs and all the delicious recipes you can make with them then you’re no stranger to the hassle that is peeling them. It can take forever and the eggs come out slightly mangled. Don’t even get me started on gross sticky egg filled fingernails! Eww! This kitchen hack is hands free and takes only seconds! I can’t wait to try it! I just wish I’d known it last week when I made deviled eggs. Sad. But I’m going to remember it for next time for sure!

One word…wow! What an eggcellent method for peeling eggs. 3 seconds of shaking in ½ an inch of water and voila! Another trick when making hard boiled eggs, don’t use with super fresh eggs. That makes them even harder to peel (even with this method)! Now that you know the easiest way to peel eggs, here is the perfect egg salad recipe. You have Serious Eats to thank for this yummy treat.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!