This Neat Trick Peels Garlic In Seconds


I love garlic. It’s great for boosting the immune system, flavoring your favorite dishes, and keeping vampires at bay. Lol. Well, at least it’s good for the first too. I love fresh garlic but I often use store bought minced because it is quicker and I am in a hurry to finish dinner. That tasty species of onion (I didn’t know it was in the onion family until now) can be a real pain to peel! Dave Hax has a fun video hack that will making peeling garlic speedy and simple! Love it!

While we’re on the subject of peeling difficult things, Mangoes are the worst! They are delicious to eat but the most horrid things to peel. You end up wasting a lof of the fruit and juice ends up getting everywhere. Here are some hacks that should help. Instructables has one approach. Lifehacker has another. Both are better than what you have been doing!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!