Get Creative And Try One Of These Clever Penny DIY Projects


A penny saved is a DIYers dream come true. Don’t believe me? This roundup from Diply proves that with just one cent your dreams could come true. I’m beyond excited to show off this roundup and the 23 (yes 23!) fabulous projects featured in it.

Do you have a change jar? Well it just makes cents to use those coins for something fun. Something like decorating a vase, or making coasters, or flooring the kitchen! Pennies are so fun! I love the necklace (#6 and #12) and rings (#8). They’re so creative. Do you have a favorite?! if you have any cents and are sensible, you will adore them all. Hehe.

Pennies come from the bank all shiny and new. Obviously. But what if your DIY needs aged copper and an older look to it? Like the roof on #14 (birdhouse)? You can artificially age those Abe Lincolns in about 24 hours, giving you a nice patina color. Find the tutorial here.

Here’s the link to all 23 DIY penny projects…

Diply: Change It Up With These 23 DIY Penny Projects