This Would Make The Perfect Beach Home And Be Affordable Too!

container home stilts

Could this be the world’s largest Lego set? Some assembly required. You will need an Erector set (crane) to put it all in place. Once this shipping container is where you want it, go wild with the design. These houses could be a refuge plunked down on a small plot of land just about anywhere. You can feel good about your small carbon footprint. You can brag to your friends about the largest upscaling project anyone has ever seen. Go big. Go small. Do anything you can dream up with this gigantic steel Lego set. At just about $2,000 a piece you can afford to use multiple containers to expand your home anytime you want. Need to add a bedroom? Do it. Living room feeling a little cramped? Find yourself a crane operator and a welder to double the size.

With some modifications these tiny, and some not so tiny, homes look as though they could make a comfortable abode. My favorites are the ones that don’t look like shipping containers at all. So put some siding on it. Plaster the walls. Add a few windows. You will have the dream home of any Lego fanatic.

Speaking of Lego fanatics…You’re not alone. There are competitions out there and everything! The Lego website has a goldmine of info. Check out these Lego creations, it’s my fav! Plus, Legoland is the coolest place ever!

Here’s the link to take the full tour…

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