Fire Pit

Fire Pit Gets Amazing Makeover Perfect For Entertaining

Fire Pit

Charles Bowden said that, ‘Summertime is always the best of what might be.’ How true! This DIY bench from Little Things fits that sentiment perfectly. It’s the best of what a summertime backyard could hope for.

This curved fire pit bench is what every backyard is missing; I know that mine doesn’t have one but it wants one! Joshua Rhodes decided he wanted to make his backyard oasis just a little more comfortable and stylish by adding some seating. He got an idea, drove to Home Depot, spent $125, built for two days, and got outstanding results that he decided to share with us! I’m so glad that he did! Painting it fun with cute decorative pillows is a must! I love the white look Josh went with and the watermelon pillows. I’m such a fan of simple and straight lines.

p.s. – check out the yard overall. This bench was just the finishing touch on a lot of DIYs. He and his wife’s yard looks amazing! Looking for tips on how to get the perfect yard? Here are some helpful ones.

Check out the full transformation (and gorgeous pictures) here…

Little Things: Transformed Backyard Fire Pit Now The Perfect Neighborhood Hangout