Pink House

This Pink Tiny Home Is Just As Pretty Inside

Pink House

Pretty In Pink is one of John Hughes’s legendary movies. It sums up adolescent life so well. You must watch it someday. Pink is all the rage in some circles. One house, designed and built by Tiny Living Inc., is called Poco Pink and it is the cutest little thing. It is precious, inside and out.

These homes are built on an 18 foot trailer and are 160 square feet. That might seem small but the insides were designed to feel quite spacious. I love all of the natural light, high ceilings, and pine walls and floors. The outside color makes me think that is Barbie’s dream house on a larger scale. Here is the trailer for Pretty In Pink. In case you missed it in 1986 like I did. It was before my time but I caught it the second time around, once it was already a classic. Legend-airy.

Here’s the link to tour inside this tiny home…

Little Things: This Pretty Pink Tiny House Is Just As Gorgeous Inside As It Is Outside