Pinterest Fails To Learn From


I think everyone who frequents a Do It Yourself sight can relate to these Pinterest Fails. In fact these happen so frequently there is an entire websites related to the topic. (Such as this one On the topic of failures I know I have had my share.

Tell us about a few of your own failures. Come on. You know you have had them. It will help us all to feel a little bit better about ourselves the next time we burn the cupcakes or terrify the baby with an ill conceived photo shoot. Fess up people. You can even post it anonymously if you must. I know this can become one of those topics where everyone can out due one another with their stories of failure. It is cathartic even. Tell us your deepest, darkest secrets of DIY. The ones you never told anyone. We can all laugh together.

That failed baby photo was so funny! These 37 other photo shoot fails will have your sides splitting too!

Here’s the link to all 20 fails…

Diply: 20 Pinterest Fails That Definitely Didn’t Nail It