Plants That Will Help You Sleep At Night


I love sleeping more than anything. ‘Sleeping is my drug. My bed is my dealer and my alarm clock is the police.’ Lol. Any kindred spirits out there who feel the same? Our bodies need sleep to process, restore, and strengthen. It’s not just an enjoyable pastime, it’s healthy! Lately I’ve been having a problem sleeping. Uggg. Maybe this roundup from Natural Living Ideas will help get me back on track!

This roundup features 12 plants that will help rid you of your insomnia. The relaxing and purifying benefits of these plants can’t be beat. I should get some Jasmine and Lavender. I love those scents and they are calming. I have two of the plants on this list already! The English Ivy and Snake Plant are great for air purification. The snake plant can remove up to 90% of harmful airborne chemicals and the ivy is just as impressive! Maybe I should move them to my room for a while.

How much sleep do you normally get? The National Sleep Foundation has broken it down by age group and charted out what is appropriate and what is excessive. Check it out here…I bet you’re not getting enough!

Here’s the link to all 12 ideas…

Natural Living Ideas: 12 Plants For Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep