Plastic Bottles

Creative Craft Ideas For Plastic Soda Bottles

Plastic Bottles

Any soda drinkers in the house? Soda addicts? My hand is raised high! I love coke (I don’t care that it might not be that healthy for me). I have a lot of soda bottles laying around I need to do something about it! I need to recycle them into amazing crafts. That will be a win for everyone, especially the planet.

I’m so excited to feature this roundup from DIY And Crafts. There are so many great ideas here! Has anyone ever tried the ‘floral paintbrush’ bottle? I’ve always been curious about how well that works. #4 is my favorite! Cha-cha-cha-chia! The piggy bank is my second favorite. How Cute!

Not all recycled and repurposed crafts are created equal. The concept may be amazing but the end result stinks like…well, they just stink. Some end up looking like epic fails. One DIY that I am desperate to try, and there is no way that it will fails, is a plastic bottle flower bouquet. It is so lovely! Find the full tutorial from Creative Jewish Mom here.

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