Platform Bed With Storage Made From Ikea Cabinets


Everyone can use a little more storage space. Truth be told, everyone can use a LOT more storage space. You can especially use it in the kids’ rooms. They are always the ones with the smallest room in the house. The room without much of a closet but with huge amounts of toys, sporting equipment and clothing. Where do you put all that stuff? We have to make room! This solution, posted on Diply, is brilliant. By building this bed he was able to create cabinet space and more than 70 square feet of open storage beneath the bed.

All it took was some IKEA kitchen cabinets and wood to make the platform. What a great idea, creating all that in what is usually a neglected and underutilized area of any room. Yes we have all shoved items under our bed in an attempt to get them out of the way or hide them from house guests. This guy went considerably further than that. Here are some other fun projects that you can do with Ikea furniture. I love that store.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!