Pool Noodle

This Pool Noodle Gets Cut Into 4 Pieces. The End Result Is Brilliant!

Pool Noodle

Hey!I had a bunch of these growing up! They made pool time the best! I actually still use them. Floating in the pool with noodles, it’s a poor man’s pool chair. But this guy was really ‘using his noodle’ (hehe), when he cut one into four pieces and got some string. He made a floating cooler!

How fun is this? And easy! The Dollar Store has these all the time so this DIY is a no brainer. I recommend no glass bottles near or in the pool. That’s one of mom and dad’s rules that shouldn’t be broken. This would be a good idea for storing pool toys too.

There are lot of things you can make with these noodles that I never dreamed or imagined. They’re just cheap foam. Wrong! They are an affordable DIY building material. The Crafty Blog Stalker proves that. Check out her noodle posts. Here’s part one and here’s part two. Another thing you should make with your noodle is a chair to go with your cooler. Find that tutorial here.

Here’s the link to see the end result…

Little Things: He Cut A $2 Pool Noodle Into 4 Pieces. (See The “AFTER”)