Add Some Whimsy To Any Room With A Pop-Up Animal Lamp

At first look, these beautiful lamps look well designed by themselves. But when you flip the switch, these lamps reveal a secret feature. When this pop up lighting turns on, it forms the shape of animals! There is a special form located inside that creates this unique illusion.

An Israel based designer and inventor named Chen Bikovski came up with this idea. She said that when she was a child, the idea of pop up books always fascinated her. She set out to do the same with lighting, so she then formed the company Popup Lighting. This company sells through their own website and their Amazon store. The goal of the company is to intertwine light and art, making new and beautiful pop up lighting creations. The creations sell between $65 and $250, depending on the material they are made with.

These lamps are not just made for lighting, they are made to be works of art! Not only will they brighten up your home, but they will also help you decorate.

What do you think about these lamps? Would you want to buy one?

1. These beautiful lamps look like nothing unusual at first

pop up lighting 1

2. But when you switch them on they turn into animals!

pop up lighting 2

3. They are made by the company Pop Up Lighting.

popup lighting 3

4. The designer said she was always fascinated with pop up books and that is where she got the idea.

pop up lighting 4

5. They are great for your bedroom!

pop up lighting 5

6. Or any other room around the house.

Where would you put one?
pop up lighting officepopup-lights

7. There are currently two designs: a deer and a peacock.

Which is your favorite?
pop up lighting 7 pop up lighting deer

8. Each design comes in different colors.

pop up lighting peacocks pop up lighting 8

9. These would be awesome to have around the house!

pop up lighting 9

Images via: amazon | popup lighting


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