Sliced Potato

Tutorial On How To Make Potato Fans

Sliced Potato

Suffering from a little picky eater? So frustrating! Especially when they don’t like a staple like potatoes. The most commonly served potatoes at my house are french fries. There aren’t a lot of baked or mashed fans. This fun recipe might change that. It’s a nice and different was to serve those spuds for everyone in the house, picky or not.

What makes this recipe different? Slicing the potatoes cross ways before you baking them. How clever! As they cook, the slices spread out and make a ‘fan.’ These fan pieces pull apart easily for dipping or straight up eating. They look just as pretty as they do yummy. I would put a lot more than just butter on my potatoes while they are cooking. Some bacon, garlic, thin onion slices, and cheese would make this the ultimate loaded spud. No one, kid or adult, could turn that down!

Buzzfeed has 19 fun and funny tricks that might help your picky eaters become foodies. These made me laugh so hard! I think I’ll even try a few of them at our next meal time! Check them out here.

Here’s the dinner saving video… Enjoy!