Amazing Small House

Check Out This 550 Sq. Ft. Prefab Timber Cabin By FabCab

Amazing Small House

2014 was the year of cutting back. I have a couple of friends that challenged themselves to not buy anything material, and I mean that they didn’t buy anything; no slippers, no curtains, no cars! They wanted to be aware of how they spent their money and try and break some bad spending habits. I can’t quite do that or my remodel will never get finished but I am challenged to live in moderation and not spend frivolously in 2015. One other way some people have cut back is on their houses. They get tiny ones! They can’t get more stuff if there isn’t room for it!

The Timber Cab 550 has an open floor plan with lots of windows and vaulted ceilings. It doesn’t feel small because those added features help make it seem huge! You are paying for that feeling though! This cabin isn’t cheap by any means, but it is nice and just think of how you will be impacting the environment in a positive way. Cutting out some of the high end furnishing and appliances might cut some costs.This cabin is nicer than a lot of peoples fixer-uper starter homes!

Living in a tiny space is really doable! I know I say that a lot, but here is a practical example. If a family with two small kids (under the age of 5) can do it, then you can too! Find the story of the Booker family here. Also check how to make a DIY yurt from Instructables here.

Find the full tour of this fabulous cabin at Tiny House Talk here…

Tiny House Talk: 550 Square Foot Prefab Timber Cabin