Shoe Rack

How To Make A PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

How many pairs of shoes do you have? Too many to count? The shoe rack by our front door is filled to overflowing. The closets too. (I think my husband is more a fan of fancy footwear than I am!) Maybe it’s time for a new shoe rack. You too? Check out this one from Home Made Simple. Amy walks us through making a simple shoe rack out of PVC pipe that will sure to be a space saver.

Their aren’t a lot of materials needed for this DIY. I love to hear that! You need PVC pipe and PVC glue, some clamps, and spray paint. You should also find some gloves. That glue is strong and nobody wants to glue their fingers together. Pipe is pretty affordable and the hardware store will cut it for you (the pieces in the video are 10 inches long).

Once you have all your supplies you have to decide on your design, glue the pieces together, wait for the rack to dry, and then paint it. I think the inside and edges should be painted too to give it a more ‘finished’ look. This DIY peaked my interest and here are some other PVP pipe crafts that I found.

Here’s the tutorial video… Enjoy!