Quick And Easy DIY Air Freshener


My car has had a hard life. A few minor fender benders. A texting kid ran a red light and another texting kid hit us from behind. Seriously!? And one of us, no finger pointing, hit a rock feature in our driveway. There are a few dings from doors in the car parking lot too. The inside of our car however is super nice. My hubs is adamant about it. It is clean and smells nice. In case you can’t same the same about yours, this DIY from The Heathered Nest is a fast and all natural way to make your vehicle smell nice and fresh. It was originally designed to make your house smell fresh but my house already does and the battle with my car is ongoing.

You need a clothes pin and your favorite essential oil. What could be simpler than that? I wonder how long this amazing hack will last. Any guesses? One Good Thing By Jillee has 13 other all natural ways to make your home smell amazing too.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!