Quickly Turn Any Bottle Into A DIY Lamp

bottle led cork

Don’t you love repurposing? (I do!) Some of the best repurposing DIYs come from the recycle bin. Or antique shops. Or garage sales. This one is no exception. It’s all about repurposing old glass bottles and turning them into lovely lights. This would make such a unique lamp! I think it would go perfect on the patio to light warm summer nights.

I’ve seen many lovely bottle lights but most of them involve sparkly twinkle lights, magical tea lights, and beautiful smelling candles. I haven’t seen any, before now, that use rechargeable LED corks. This is a new reason to start looking for awesome shaped and colored bottles. (Garage sales, remember?) These LED corks can be purchased on Amazon for a fairly decent price. I’m going to have to scoop some up and you should too! Now I can’t wait for summer to light up my porch, patio, and backyard.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!