22 Crafty Ways To Re-Purpose Old Jeans

I go through jeans very quickly, and I know I am not alone. Over time, jeans can get torn, get worn, and can even change color due to the sun. It can be hard to get rid of your favorite pair of jeans, but sometimes they just have to go.

But luckily, old jeans can be re-purposed into tons of unique crafts! Once your jeans no longer fit, get a tear, or get too worn, you can use them in tons of other ways. You can turn those jeans into shorts, quilts, pillows, and even notebook covers! There are tons of fun things you can do with old jeans.

Below are 20 awesome and fun DIY crafts for you to try with your old pairs of jeans. If you do not have an old pair of jeans but still want to make one of these crafts, you can easily do so by getting a pair of jeans at a thrift store for .99 cents. Either way, we hope you enjoy these 20 fun crafts for old jeans.

Have you ever tried any of these crafts before?

1. Old jeans make great pot holders.

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2. They also make great corset belts



3. Using some clever tricks, old jeans can also be turned into baskets

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4. And even a bowl.

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5. This old pair of jeans was turned into a throw pillow

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6. Looking for some fun cocktail napkins?

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7. If you have dolls, old jeans make great doll skirts.

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8. Old jeans can be turned into a new and stylish hairband

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9. You can make your own denim vest using old jeans and some sewing skills.

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10. Making a holder like this is a great thing to keep in your purse

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11. Giving someone wine as a gift? You can make a wine cover with old jeans.

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12. Denim bracelets like these are a fun craft to do with family and friends.

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13. Keep your feet cozy with these denim slippers

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14. Make your own stylish handbag with old jeans

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15. Instead of buying a jean skirt, re-purpose your old jeans into your own.

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16. Old jeans can easily be made into a notebook cover.

You can decorate this any way you want!

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17. These denim corsets are fashionable and unique.

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18. Make your own stylish quilt using old jeans. This is actually pretty easy.

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19. You can use the scraps left over from these projects to make your own stamps or make other crafty projects.

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20. And of course, old jeans can be made into the classic cutoff jean shorts.

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21. Loving this pillow case idea. Chevron pattern always looks good.

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22. My fave idea – Christmas ornaments!

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