Upcycle For Kids

Creative Ways To Re-Purpose ordinary Items For Your Children

Upcycle For Kids

I feel so wasteful. I am flooded with shame thinking about the things I have thrown away that I could have made into brilliant DIYs, outfits, and crafts for my kiddos. It’s ok if you’re right there with me. It’s never too late for us to change! Lol. Check out this roundup and then be ever more vigilant on repurposing for the kids.

Turning an old crib into a playhouse/fort is a great idea! My kids would be on board. I love #8 and all of the little outfits. So crafty! Many of these are geared toward princesses but any can be made to fit Captain America. Have fun using your imagination when coming up with a custom design for your ballerina or Batman. So fun!

Tip Junkie has a lot of fun ideas for repurposing big people clothes to fit little people. Precious! Be sure and bookmark this for later. Find them here.

See all 20 ways here…

Diply: 20 Adorable Ways You Can Upcycle Household Items For Your Kids