Realtor Surprised to Find Out Newly Listed Home Is Entirely Purple

When this Middlesex, UK home went up for sale, nobody thought it was anything out of the ordinary. After all, it looks like a normal and peaceful house. Imagine the surprise the realtor must have had when they walked through the door and saw that everything was purple. If you are not a fan of purple, I would prepare for what you are about to witness!

This all purple home was put up for sale a few years back for $600,000. A local blogger noticed the house listing and put up the pictures online. And of course, it did not take long for this purple wonderland of a home to go viral. People from all over the world were commenting on this home. After all, it is not every day you see a house that is entirely purple.

Some loved it and said that living here would be an absolute dream come true. Others thought differently, and described the house as a nightmare. But whether you love it or hate it, it still stands.

What do you think of this all purple home?
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On the outside, this house looks very quaint and normal.

all purple home outside

But when you step inside, you see the purple carpet, purple walls, and a purple ceiling. Not to mention purple accessories!

all purple home living room

all purple home living room 2

The dining area keeps the same purple carpet. They also have purple felt chairs and a curtain!

all purple home dining room

The kitchen seems to be the least purple room in the house. But there is still plenty of it!

all purple home kitchen

Step outside the kitchen, and we see very little purple.

all purple home backyard

When we step into the bedroom, we see large reflective purple doors. Purple overload!

all purple home bedroom

Imagine working in this home office.

all purple home office

The bathroom even has purple carpeting and a purple rug! We also see painted flowers on the tiles. Purple, of course!

all purple home bathroom

Looking at the outside, you would never guess what lies within those walls!

all purple home outside 2

photos via: rightmove

Do you love the all purple home or hate it? Please let us know in the comments below!

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