plastic bottle ideas

Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Something Amazing

plastic bottle ideas

Repurposing from the recycling bin is great! It’s fun to see what you can come up with and it’s always better to make something you need rather than buy it. Like a spade for the garden or temporary planters for starts. This roundup from Awesome Inventions has whole heaps of DIY crafts and projects sure to impress.

I have made the piggy bank craft with the kids before. Pablo was awesome with button eyes, a pink curly pipe-cleaner tail, and wooden spool legs. Sadly, he passed away when we had to get our money out. We need to make a new ‘piggy’ bank!’

I like the bottle cap curtain a lot! With a little paint and creativity, crafting with old bottles don’t have to look cheap or cheesy. The greenhouse is really interesting; I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it and I love the apple container! It would be perfect for a teacher gift. It still sticks with the traditional apple theme but makes for something a little more useful.

Favecrafts has 647 other recycled crafts and DIY projects. With all of these brilliant ideas, you won’t have anything left to recycle! Find them all here.

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