Remove Oil Stains From Clothing With This DIY Hack


Oh, how badly I have been waiting for this info! Oil stains are my enemy. Set in stains are my absolute laundry nemesis! How is it that people (my husband) don’t think about pre-treating stains? Don’t they know how impossible it is to get them out after they have been washed? Needless to say, people in my family wear clothing that have tiny stains. Until now that is!

What do you need? Liquid dish soap, WD-40, Baking Soda, a toothbrush (one you won’t be using anymore), Q-tips, and a piece of cardboard. Guess what? I have all of those things! I also have my favorite blue sweatshirt that has a butter stain on it. Perfect! I can try this out first hand and let you know how it works.

The Cleaning Institute has some other tips on stain removal that you need to bookmark for the next laundry day. Their stain removal chart has info for removing everything from grass to gravy stains. Lol. There is even some information on how to get typewriter correction fluid out of clothes. I’m thinking that one might not be needed that much anymore. Haha!

Here’s the link to the full tutorial…

TipHero: How To Remove Set In Oil Stains (photo tutorial)