Do You Remove Your Shoes Every Time You Return Home?

shoe free home

What is your shoe rule? Off at the door always? Only when it’s muddy? Off before hitting carpet? That’s ours. They are always off by the time we make it to carpet. Wood and tile are just easier to clean up so we’ve gotten lax in those areas. This video from The Alternative Daily has four reasons why your shoes should stay by the door no matter what.

There are so many germs and bacteria! One way to reduce bringing them into our homes, simple as it sounds, is just by taking shoes off. Our shoes can track in pesticides which can hurt pets and small children. We can also pick up feces (eewwww) on the bottom of our shoes. Another very practical reason, is dirt. We all know that one. Less dirt equals less cleaning. I’m on board with that!

Now that your shoes will be off, you need some cute slippers. Check out these warm and fuzzy DIY ones.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!