plastic bottle room divider

35 Unique Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

There are several ways to re-use plastic bottles, so the next time you lean to throw one in the recycling bin please think again. Plastic bottles are amazingly versatile, and can be used for a variety of unique and interesting home decorations. Things like room dividers, chandeliers, vegetable containers and jewelry stands are just to name a few. Many of these projects only require a small amount of time and effort, and typically just a pair of scissors!

Many of us are amazed at the huge variety of crafty ideas that arise from repurposing old stuff. Don’t you love to see people making treasure out of trash? If you have any old bottles you will be pleased to see our collection below. You can even get the kids involved in collecting bottles for crafts.

1. Spinach wall garden:

spinach wall garden

2. Green bottle Christmas tree:

plastic green tree

3. Monster wall containers:

monster wall containers

4. Decorative plastic flowers:

decorative plastic flowers

5. Crafty parrot:

plastic parrot art

6. Plastic pig planters:

plastic pig planters

7. Plastic door curtain:


8. Plastic snack bowls:

plastic snack bowls

9. Fun bubble snakes:

plastic bottle bubble blowers

10. Red glitter candle holder:

sparkle candle holder

11. Decorative vase plastic bottle:

decorative plastic vase

12. Blue plastic light:

blue plastic light

13. Jewelry tray:

plastic jewelry stand

14. Decorative plastic art:

plastic bottle art

15. Plastic bottle foot stool:

plastic bottle foot stool

16. Cute plastic planter:

plastic bottle planter

17. Wall planters:

plastic wall planters

18. Plastic bottle room divider:

plastic bottle room divider

19. Plastic bottle sprinkler:

plastic bottle sprinkler

20. Plastic rose lamp:

rose candle holder

21. Jugs to store pencil crayons:

storage jugs for pencils

22. Apple containers:

plastic apple containers

23. Magazine holders:

magazine holder

24. Plastic butterfly art:

plastic butterfly art

25. Festive colorful wreath:

festive plastic wreath

26. Hanging chandelier:

plastic bottle chandelier

27. Plastic bird feeder:

plastic bird feeder

28. Braided plastic bottle basket:

braided plastic bottle basket

29. Decorative wall or tree planter:

decorative plastic wall vase

30. Beach candle holder:

sand rock plastic candle holder

31. Plastic bottle gardening:

plastic bottle gardening

32. Delicate clear bottle vase:

clear bottle vase

33. Plastic bottles greenhouse:

plastic bottles greenhouse

34. Unique yarn dispensers:

yarn dispensers

35. Cute plastic penguin:

plastic bottle penguin