Revive A Baguette

The Trick To Reviving Stale Bread

Revive A Baguette

Bread doesn’t really last long enough around my place to get stale or hard. I know I’ve mentioned my love of carbs. I put my leftovers in the fridge and normally I don’t have any problems but this would definitely work in a pinch or if I forgot to seal it up tight and it turned into a rock.

Baguettes and salads are normally on the menu when I make spaghetti and this info on how to revive bread could come in really handy in case I don’t have time to run to the store. How do your save bread? It’s going to sound weird but you Bathe the baguette in water.Really get it wet and then wrap in foil. Once it’s all wrapped up you’re going to stick it in the oven…the video will tell you all about it! This video also shows the right way to get mold off of cheese. I knew how to ‘cut’ it. *smile* but I didn’t know that it was supposed to be wrapped in something breathable!

Another thing you can do if you don’t have time to go buy fresh bread and don’t want to save stale bread is make your own. This recipe from Taste Of Home is a game changer. Find it here

Here’s the video…Enjoy!