Check Out This Robotic Pizza Machine


Pizza? Yum. It’s an all-time favorite of mine. We are big Papa Murphy fans because it’s a little more relaxing with the family to make something at home where people can go crazy without disturbing other. Lol. We are basically fans of anyplace that has food to-go and that includes Costco. Have you ever tried their chicken? Cheese platters? What about Pizza? They make a lot of pizza and are actually considered a ‘chain’ with over 400 stores here in America. They are one of the top sellers. Crazy! I never knew that. Because they are such a big deal they have a crazy efficient way of making their pies. They basically have a spinning, sauce dispensing record player. It’s really cool! Check out the video and then change your dinner menu!

Is pizza good for you? No, but it’s all about everything in moderation and Costco pizza falls right in the middle on the calorie count. It’s more than Papa John’s but less than Pizza Hut. You decide where you want to eat tonight… it’s all delicious!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!