Rocking crib

Rocking Chair With A Built-In Crib (Tutorial)

Rocking crib

When you have a newborn baby in your home it makes for a lot of sleep interrupted nights. You can change their diaper, feed them, burp them sometimes nothing seems to work. When baby can’t sleep neither can mommy or daddy. I remember putting our oldest in the car and driving around the block again and again until he fell asleep. Our other kiddos responded well to being rocked.

If your baby, like ours, sleeps well in a rocking chair or a rocking crib, why not try both. Take a look at this set of plans brought to you by Instructables. This will be a beautiful compliment to your nursery once you pick a matching wood or paint color. It also will take up less room than having both in the room. They suggest finding a mattress first and build the crib portion around it. The blueprints are not for a standard size mattress. Here is another DIY crib tutorial. It never hurts to have options. Lol

Here’s the link to the full build steps…

Instructables: Building A Rocking Chair With A Crib