Salt Can Be Used For So Much More Than Just Seasoning Food


Salt. Delicious! Practical? Who knew? ‘Not I,’ said the chagrined DIY blogger. Lol. I am loving these hacks from Household Hacker and am so excited to feature them here today. Brilliant, simply brilliant. NaCi (sodium chloride), or as it is more commonly referred to, table salt has 7 uses that I bet you didn’t know about. I know I didn’t!

I’m not really on board with the cleaning up egg method (#2) because it seems like more work but I love the rest! I’m so excited to clean my iron this way (#1)! Not that I really use it that much anyways…I’m super curious about #5 too. Which will you try first?

These hacks are going to take some spilling of salt. Hope you’re not superstitious! Lol. Check out Timeless Myths to get the 411 on the origins of the spilling salt urban myth. It’s really interesting. Just in case you were wondering.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!