Clever Ways To Save Space In A Small Home


Diply has the best roundup! It’s perfect for those of us with tiny spaces filled with too much stuff. These 16 ideas are all about saving room and organizing in homes that are tight on space. Whether you have the biggest house on the block or yours is itty bitty… there is something here for you!

Some of these ideas are great and others just aren’t for me. Number three would block the view of my yard and I wouldn’t be able to see the kids running around as I did the dishes. Also number four? Not my cup of tea. But I adore the bookcase stairs (number 5) and the under-the-bed storage makes my heart skip a beat (number 11). Love love love. I also really like number 14. Do you have a favorite? Have you tried any of these?

Another way to save space in a small home is by getting rid of clutter. Easier said than done but Family Circle has some tips on where to start. Good luck!

Here’s the link to all 16 ideas…

Diply: 16 Space-Saving Ideas For Your Teeny-Tiny Home