Hacks For New Moms

21 Easy Hacks That Could Save Your Babies Life

Hacks For New Moms

Babies are a lot of work! They are precious and wonderful but they are hard work. As a new parent, advice will come from all sides. Everything you do will be wrong according to someone! Everyone has two cents to chip in (more like $20!). These hacks from Diply might help you out. Figure out which ones work for you and then tell your mother-in-law to…well…you know. Lol. Just kidding, I love my second mom, but these tips are great!

Some of these hacks are just plain common sense (like bring a clean pacifier) and some are more appropriate for toddlers (monster spray) but all are fun. And helpful. So helpful! I am in love with #21, I hate having a messy car. Using a pool and laundry basket for corralling kids and toys makes me smile. Fun! My fav for a baby is #1 and for a toddler would have to be putting sidewalk chalk in deodorant containers.

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Diply: 21 Super Simple Live-Saving Baby Hacks