Easily One Of The Best School Bus Conversions I Have Ever Seen

school bus couple

School is back in session. Well it is, as of tomorrow. Glory! Will Hitchcock and Alyssa Pelletier are in school all year long. Huh? They took an old school bus that they bought for $5,500 and turned it into a DIY motor home that is just gorgeous. It’s how I want to travel for my next road trip!

It may not go that fast and the gas mileage might not be great but something has to be said for traveling with your bed and seeing the world without leaving home. I love that the view from their front porch is never the same. Does the vagabond lifestyle appeal to you? It should after seeing this! I love the interior. It doesn’t even look like a bus anymore!

I love it when old buses get second chances! Especially when those second changes mean helping other people. Read how some old metro buses in Hawaii are getting turned into homeless shelters here.

See inside the bus here…

TinyHouseTalk: Tour Inside This Adventurous Couple’s DIY School Bus Motorhome