See Inside This Adorable Tiny School Bus Cottage

Bus House

How creative are Jeremy and Mira Thompson ( They repurposed a school bus into the most amazing thing – a house! I kid you not. They turned a working and driving bus into a fabulous minny home. School buses don’t bring the most pleasant of memories for me but a cute one like this might be able to get me over the trauma of Junior High. Lol.

This home is 37 feet of amazing-ness and it really can drive around. A lot of tiny homes claim mobility but this one takes the cake. I want to bring it camping. Take that motor homes everywhere. My house is better than yours!

Gas mileage might not be the best but who cares when you have the freedom to live wherever you want?! They aren’t planning on being perpetual travelers but it’s nice to have the option. I think the bed cubby and loft above it are my favorite parts. How dreamy!

Take the full bus tour over at OurCoraBean: House Bus Tour

There’s also a great video tour here:

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