Man Discovers Secret Room In Attic With Some Truly Creepy Contents

creepy crawlspace

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? A man buys a house and finds a hidden crawl space in the attic that leads to a hidden room that leads to a hidden safe. My first thought was that he’s crazy to crawl past creepy little creatures nesting in his attic. Just the thought makes me want to shower twice… With a heavy duty scrub brush.

But my mind races to what’s been kept secret all of these years. Was it mob money hidden in the 1920s? Colonial heirlooms tucked away and forgotten. I say it’s worth an insect bite or two, then get a tetanus shot after. What did he find? Jewelry, money, silver, tapes, and a warning! (Reddit)

1. What’s behind door #1?

Reddit / Imbrjack

2. Secret crawl space but uh, why does it have carpet?

Reddit / Imbrjack

3. What’s behind door #2?

Reddit / Imbrjack

4. Did this briefcase belong to Al Capone?

Reddit / Imbrjack

5. Silver, international money and a mystery box. More like The Bourne Identity without the passports.

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6. Two rings and two watches. Seriously?! That’s it?

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7. Lookie here in the corner… A black safe. Now we’re talking treasure!

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8. VHS tapes ’94, ’95? Maybe lost seasons of Baywatch.

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9. No, no, no, no, no, no! It just got weird.

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10. Time to call the FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security…

Reddit / Imbrjack

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