secret safe

Secret Safe Discovered Under Stairs In A Tennessee Farmhouse

secret safe

Time Capsules are such an amazing thing. They are a snapshot into our past and memories preserved for future generations. My whole school, K-12, put one together about 15 years ago and I have no idea what I put in it. I am afraid I put something stupid in it, like an Ace Of Base cassette tape. (I’m sorry future generations!) I honestly forgot about it until seeing this amazing discovery.

While doing a remodel on his Grandparents farmhouse a Reddit user, Evilenglish, made an amazing discovery. He found a capsule/safe in the basement. What?! It took 9 days to get it opened but it was sure worth it. There were coins and silver galore! This little safe looks so tiny but it fits so much. Pay dirt. His grandparents were savers and it did really pay off. For him anyways. I love fun stories like this! About Home has some great ideas on how to build a time capsules. They are such a great way to preserve memories!

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Secret Time Capsule Safe Found In A Tennessee Farmhouse