secret window kitchen floor

Why Would Anyone Put A Secret Window On Their Kitchen Floor?

secret window kitchen floor

Spiral staircases are my favorite and having one that doubles as a wine cellar is the best thing ever! The walls are lined with wine. More than I could ever drink! What a wonderful idea for wine drinkers. Cellars are designed to keep wine at the perfect temperature and this one is especially nice because it is close to where the action is; the kitchen and dining room. Even if you don’t enjoy a nice glass of pinot, this is a cool idea. It could be used for extra storage.

I think I would hide it beneath matching floorboards and not a window. Then it would really be a secret room! If you get a chance to build your dream house please consider putting in something like this. Anything can be custom designed! Flavorwire also has some amazing homes with custom secret rooms and passages that should help inspire you…

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