See How This Mom Of 6 Transforms Her Laundry Room


Laundry rooms can be the worst. It’s like they are the red headed stepchild of the house. Tiny, cramped, and built without much thought. There is barely room for the washer and dryer, let alone anything else. You have to get creative to maximize the space and even more creative to do it on a dime but that’s exactly what Ronda Batchelor did. She had a $400 budget and with that turned her lame little room from drab to fab!

How did Ronda create space in a tiny 7-by-7-foot room? Stackable washer and dryers, built in shelves, pull-out drying racks, hidden hangers, a fold out ironing board (people still iron?!), and portable baskets. The room is all pulled together with a fabulous paint scheme and faux marble counter tops. Nice! I would have so much more space if stackable machines were an option for me. But if I had those I’d have to get rid of one of my house’s best features…my laundry shoot. It’s the best.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!