Tiny Living

See How This Woman Fits Her Whole Life Into Just 200 Sq. Ft.

Tiny Living

Minimalistic living is all the rage but it isn’t for everyone. It’s not for me! I hate clutter but I do like to have room to breathe. One of my greatest friends just build a tiny home in the middle of the city and she loves it. More power to her. I think her and Suzi West would be kindred spirits even though one has a house and one has a flat.

Suzi West lives in a 200 square foot apartment that is quite amazing. She has decorated it in the most creative of ways and her storage solutions are something to write home about. Her spot in Brooklyn must have cost a pretty penny. The yard is three times the size of the home! I wonder if she can build a shed? My favorite thing about the apartment is the Amberg Patent File. 112 drawers? Yes please!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!