This Seemingly Normal Warehouse Is Hiding A Surprising Secret Inside


Morton, a design firm out of Minnesota has a pretty unique style. Their homes look plain and ordinary on the outside, some don’t even look like homes, but the insides are spectacular! There are sheds, barns, shops, and all sorts of other buildings that you would never guess are hiding fabulous and lavish homes. I love it!

I always dreamed of having a home with a secret staircase or a hidden room. I loved Nancy Drew and was convinced that my house was involved in some mystery too. Turns out it was not. Just a plain old boring house. These houses have something so much better than a secret room… the whole house is a secret.

This house, featured at Trip Advisor, is another one that looks plain from the outside. But it is anything but ordinary. What makes it special? Is it the tea and cakes or the spectacular view? Maybe the beautiful rooms? I’ll let you decide for yourself but the next time you are in Wales… stay here!

Come tour the surprising inside here…

LittleThings: Seemingly Standard Building Has A Special Secret Waiting Inside