shark socks

Shark Sock Pattern

shark socks

These are just so creative I couldn’t help but share them with you! I have seen a lot of sock patterns and this is the first time I have ever seen an animal eating a foot 🙂

Here’s the link to Ravelry’s full tutorial: Ravelry: Shark Week Shark Socks

Boys of a certain age will always go through a phase of being fascinated with sharks. I don’t know what it is about this deadly animal that captivates the imagination of so many kids. These shark craft ideas will make your kids appreciate sharks even more, read this guide to see just how easy they are to make.

Clothes peg Shark

A clothes peg shark is the ideal craft activity for kids obsessed with sharks. This shark is very easy to make and is suitable for kids who can be kept interested.

You will need:

– Glue
– Marker Pens
– White card
– Clothes peg

First you should draw out the outline of a shark on your white card. Make sure that this is a bit larger than the peg itself. There’s no need to draw a tail on the shark because the tail will be formed by the end of the peg.

Cut out the shark from the cardboard. Then cut the shark in half down its mouth. Take each half of the shark and glue it onto the peg. When the peg is closed the shark should look whole.

When the clothes shark is dry you can test it out by opening the peg and checking it works as expected. Use marker pens or paint to color the shark in and make it look more shark like. Kids can do most of this project themselves and so it’s a great way to keep them occupied.

Shark Sock Puppet

Kids get a lot of enjoyment playing with puppets, and this sock shark puppet could be perfect. You will need:

– Socks
– Buttons
– Felt
– Sewing Machine
– Stuffing
– Needle and Thread

Start by cutting patterns out of felt to make side and tail fins. Sew two together to create a pocket and then stuff with cotton wool or another stuffing. Sew some buttons to the front of the shark puppet to form the eyes. Then make some straight stitches for the gills. Attach the fins to the sock puppet. Then decorate by using extra bits of felt for the inside of the mouth, and the teeth.

Shark Hooded Towel

The shark hooded towel is a great summer project and will get everyone talking about it on the beach. They are quite easy to make, you will just need:

– Bath Towel – grey or pink works well
– Hand towel in the same color as the bath towel
– White fabric
– Heat and Bond
– White Hand Towel
– Sewing Machine

The shark hooded pattern can be downloaded from the Internet. This can be pinned out onto the towel and cut with a pair of sharp scissors. Take care to cut along the lines to make the end result look as professional as possible.

Cut all of the parts of your sharp out of the different towels. The teeth cut from the white towels, and the rest from the grey hand towel. Sew the different parts onto the towel. Add eyes and use the heat and bond to secure them in place. Attach the head that you have just made to the bath towel, then you can start using it straight away.

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