Stylish Shipping Container Home With Built In Front Porch

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I have seen quite a few container home ideas over the years but this one with a built in front porch is truly unique! It’s built from a 40 foot container by Custom Container Living.

At a price tag of $56K it is definitely not cheap but I think compared to the cost of a typical home it’s just about right. I can easily see one of these getting dropped off in a remote setting and being the perfect hunting/camping escape. It would also make a fabulous guest house if you have the space.

I love all the small windows that allow plenty of natural light in. The covered porch is perfect as well for any climate with intense weather. Take the full tour below… Enjoy!

This tiny home is built by Custom Container Living

It is made out of an old shipping container

It features an impressive porch as well

And a sliding glass door

The main living area has plenty of natural light

And there is storage under the stairs

As well as a full kitchen

And a full bathroom which still has the metal from the container

Upstairs is the loft

There is a bookshelf and storage space where a privacy divider would normally be

There is also plenty of natural light up there

And a great view of the living area

This tiny home is very impressive

More Specs: Custom Container Living

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