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These Shipping Container Projects Are Beyond Cool

Storage Container

Have you ever seen a shipping container on the back of a semi trailer and thought, “That would make for a great place to live.” Have you ever seen a stack of containers on a ship in port and thought, “Wow look at all the square footage a few of those could give me.” Yeah, me neither. But then again I wouldn’t consider myself a visionary when it comes to dwelling places. The designers who created these homes, on the other hand, have created an incredible piece of architecture out of the lowly shipping container.

Take a look at all these very livable homes created out of just a few shipping containers. Shipping containers you can often get for just around $2000 a piece plus delivery charges. I love the amount of light most of these plans let in. The roll up garage door is awesome for letting the indoors outside. I would love to have one of these for a guest home in our backyard. Here are some more shipping container homes for your viewing pleasure. Just incase you need some more inspiration.

Here’s the link to see all 15 projects…

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