Tour A Shipping Container Tiny Home Set On The Texas Countryside

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They say that everything is always bigger in Texas, but this new tiny home shows that’s not the case.

Located in Needville Texas, this tiny home was made by Backcountry Containers. Backcountry Containers makes tiny homes out of shipping containers. If you think about it, shipping containers make the perfect structures. Containers are made to withstand pressure from being stacked, and they are all leak-proof just in case they fall off a boat. This is by design, so re-purposing these containers to be homes is a wonderful idea.

These homes are Eco-friendly, strong, and they each have a cool custom design. This home for instance, has a closet and compartments made to hold the owners hundreds of pairs of shoes! The owner of Backcountry Containers made this home for a family member.

If you want to own a tiny home one day, possibly think about purchasing a shipping container home like the one below, or use these pictures as inspiration for your own design and build.

Would you live in this tiny home if you had the chance? I would!

This tiny home was made by Backcountry Containers and is located in the Texas countryside.

photos via: backcountrycontainers


Just look at this beautiful home. The fire pit out front was a great idea!


To make the most of the space, there is a staircase that leads up to a deck on the roof.


As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with this lovely living area.


The bedroom is in the back corner, and there is a couch right next to it.

There is also a TV mounted right to the wall


The closet behind the bedroom has plenty of space for shoes!


There is even storage space in the floors. Perfect to store even more shoes!


On the other side of the tiny home is the kitchen area.


Look at those lovely blue cabinets!


The kitchen fits a full size fridge


As well as a dishwasher and sink


These shelves give you plenty of storage space


And there is even room for a pantry!


Right around the corner is the bathroom


The bathroom is a 3/4 size bath


And features this custom tile shower


The home also has a complete laundry room.

It is amazing how much fits into this small living space.


Here is one last look at this gorgeous tiny home!