Shipping Container

Shipping Containers Get Transformed Into Rustic Cabin

Shipping Container

Tiny houses have become very popular these last few years and the trend is not slowing down at all. Houses can be made out of anything; buses, grain silos, caves. Literally anything. Houses being made of shipping containers is a newer trend that is starting to pick up steam around the globe and I’m so glad! A Missouri company called Custom Container Living makes the cutest little cabins out of shipping containers that you are going to love!

There is a 20-foot and a 40-foot option with many different styles and floor plans to choose from. These quaint little homes can go anywhere and you can move in the same day you buy one! (Check out Custom Container Living’s website for more info…)

Is this your dream vacation spot? Not me. I’d like to visit for a weekend but our next vacation is to Asia. Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Bali. Yup. I’ll let you know all about it!

Here’s the link to see the full project photos…

LittleThings: Dirty Old Shipping Containers Into Rustic Cabins (photos)