This Shirt Folding Trick Will Help You Pack So Much More


I love packing for vacations. Maybe it’s more of a love/hate relationship. I love the challenge of fitting everything into one suitcase but I hate worrying that I am unprepared or have forgotten something. I wish that I could be one of those breezy travelers that fits everything in a carry-on but I’m not. Until that day, I’m on the lookout for clever packing hacks like this one. Roll your clothes

All veteran travelers say that you are supposed to roll your clothes. It will save space in your bag and can prevent wrinkles (on certain fabrics). A perfect item to roll is T-shirts. This video shows exactly how. It’s the best 48 seconds you will spend today!

Real Simple has a video and eight easy steps to improve your suitcase packing skills. These methods are tried and true! I guess I should follow more of them then. Lol. Number seven is the hardest for me! Only three pairs of shoes? But… Hope this helps on your next vacation!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!