Japanese-Inspired Shoes Wrap Around Your Feet For A Snug Fit


Have you heard of Vibram? They are an Italian company that has been supplying outsoles for shoes and boots since 1935. The founder Vitale Bramani was the inventor of the rubber boot sole. The company also started making those ultra low profile toe shoes runners were running around in a few years ago.

These shoes are the next new thing Vibram started creating with Japanese designer Masaya Hashimoto. They are inspired by a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used for transporting items, called furoshiki. The shoe itself is infinitely adjustable from side to side and toe to heel. My mom always complains she can’t find shoes narrow enough. I know plenty of people with wide feet. These represent an all in one solution to both problems.

They probably aren’t the best for hiking, jumping over sharp boulders and such. However, they are made by Vibram so they may be good for those things. I will hold judgement until I actually handle a pair. Check out Vibram’s official website here.

Here’s the link to all the details on this fun shoe…

Wimp: Vibram Wrap Shoes Have No Laces And Fit Perfectly