silica gel packet uses

Don’t Throw Away Your Silica Gel Packets

silica gel packet uses

Little packets of silica gel are included with all sorts of products. This material is highly absorbent and is designed to such up as much moisture as possible so that the actual product isn’t damaged. It is used with food, toys and clothing. If you read the packets of silica gel, you will notice that they are intended to be thrown away. This is a real waste since the little packets have some great uses. This guide will look at some unique uses for silica gel packets.

Today we are featuring some great tips from the Make Life Lovely blog. You know those silica packets that come with shoes or sometimes electronics? Well, don’t throw them away! There is actually some really helpful uses for this little guys. I have already used one of these tips to save a $200 phone that got wet!

Here’s the link to all 8 tips and Make Life Lovely’s full article: MakeLifeLovely: Uses For Silica Gel Packets


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