Simple DIY Brick BBQ Project


Dinner just tastes better coming off a charcoal BBQ. Charcoal does really add something to the flavor of meats, fish and other seafood. A rack of ribs that has been cooking over low heat half the day. A trout brought home after a day of fishing on the lake. Steaks with a little smokiness. It all tastes better! If you are like me, and love to barbecue here is a backyard summer project to take on.

These brick barbecue plans are brought to you by DIY Doctor. The plans are really simple and the materials fairly inexpensive (especially if you can salvage your bricks from somewhere). If you are not familiar with brick work, which I’m not, take a class at Lowe’s, Home Depot or ask at your favorite hardware store. Brick barbecues can make for a beautiful addition to your backyard get togethers. Go ahead make your neighbors and friends jealous! (Get more info on this DIY here)

Here’s the video… Enjoy!